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Designing, building and

connecting for positive human

and planetart impact

We create beautiful spaces
that help people grow

Retreat green building
What we do




Your partner for ecologically forward design and building practices

What we do

Your partner for ecologically forward design and building practices

Outdoor kitchen
Dining room
Living room
Area for yoga
Area for coworking
Your partner for ecological design
Regenerative design

We can also help you find the land of you dreams in the middle of the jungle

About paveo

We are a regenerative landscaping, design and building company dedicated to practices that positively impact people and communities

Building on the hard work of 30 years in the construction and landscaping industry, Paveo’s Founder, is turning his family’s legacy into a more sustainable future for the people that call Tulum home.

About Paveo

What we can imagine, we can create

We work with our clients to expand
the frontiers of what they thought possible
Tulum is our home

Tulum is

our home

Tulum is home to us; both as a place where we live and as a community that we serve through our craft

As a location for deep spiritual and personal development work, we believe that Tulum’s living and working spaces should reflect the very best in what we can achieve when we are aligned to our deepest human potential and to the practices that promote planetary health and vitality.

In 2017 Paveo purchased land in Francisco Uh May to develop a model site for ecologically forward design and building practices. The location is set on 2.5 acres of land in the middle of a lush rainforest. Through our work and our model site, our vision is to inspire other Tulumians to transform how they experience themselves and their surroundings.